Things you don t need in your social media

Things you don’t need in your social media

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In today’s world, social media has made a revolutionary impact on people’s lives. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are some of the prominent names in the social media industry that are the virtual home of millions of people around the planet.

Even though these platforms are virtual, they hold a distinct feature that separates them from each other. For instance, YouTube is an online video sharing and viewing platform while Facebook is an interactive social platform where you can chat and publish different types of media.

People are becoming popular through these social media sites, by showcasing their talent, their skills and in many cases, their belongings. Some people actually get paid promoting a certain product on their social media pages.

We will all agree that no special skills are required to use social media. In fact, most are free to register. But every coin has two sides. You can’t even imagine the harm you are causing to your digital identity with the common malpractices.

Don’t panic just yet, you can still learn to be aware of a few malpractices that you must avoid in your social media. The followings tips will teach you the wrongs you should get rid of to attract popularity.


  • Compromising Photographs/videos: First and foremost, cross-check your private pic or videos are not uploaded anywhere on any social media platform. You might be having a blast in your life partying and dancing to your full spirit but losing your conscience is not a choice.
    One simple mistake can make you famous for all the wrong reasons. So, if you own any photos/videos that you think shouldn’t be shared, better keep it in a pen drive, fix a locket into it and protect it like the last breath of your life.
    (Don’t take the risk to upload in the “clouds”, you don’t want to be the next KATE UPTON, you know what I mean!)


  • Personal details: As per current extensive research, it is still not clear, why people upload their mobile number and email address on the social media platform especially Facebook? You might be the object of trolls and pranks.
    Also, with the recent controversy around Facebook of leaking the private info of users to the third party, it is better to avoid any form of confidential info in public profile, except LinkedIn.


  • Simple Photographs/Videos (but not to others): Everybody knows, what happened with a famous actress (a recent one)! Every meme makes at their peak of creativity in using her face (not a good-looking expression, for sure) in numerous posts.
    She was not the only victim, people even haven’t spared the politicians of the country, so you better make sure to have the “courage in your heart” while posting photos.
    You never know, when your public pictures/videos are vandalized in such a way that instead of receiving appreciation, you get mockery. You can also follow a simple solution, i.e. don’t upload photos. Naah, you won’t but be careful!


  • Family: It might feel cute and “parivarik” to some people to conduct family group chats on Facebook, but this may backfire real hard.
    In case, you have added your family in your social media account, don’t like, upload or share any such content that might seem offensive to your family members.
    You will not be not only tarnishing your image but also of your immediate family members too, so better be extra cautious in this situation. Want a better solution, “Don’t accept their request”, problem solved!


  • Offensive content: You might have a particular lifestyle, thought or propaganda that you feel to be the correct one but others may not feel the same way as you.
    Posting media arts of sensitive or targeted towards a particular section of people should be avoided at all cost.
    There are many small mishaps, fights and even riots occurred due to such “hate posts”.
    It is recommended to stay away from such groups or posts that include any offensive content. In this case, Prevention is better than cure.


  • Copyright Strike: Many reactors channels in YouTube are closed as they got three strikes for breaching the copyright agreement).To explain in a glance, the movies and other forms of art they want to react might be an exclusive property of some other entities. 
    These entities have the exclusive rights of their products, and when a reactor intends to make a video, to showcase his/her reaction on it, they need their approval.
    So if you are posting any content featuring any product or material that belongs to somebody else, do make sure to ask permission before making your content.


  • A large number of friends: There is a trend amongst certain people in social media site to have online friends as many as possible. People boast about their numbers and see it as some achievement. The need for getting more likes and comments is the primary reason for people adding unknown identities, but there are also consequences to it.
    You are never sure about the true intentions of the people you have added in your “friend list”. Making your pic visibility public, you are only attracting the unwanted attention of wrong individuals, so it is better to have limited friends whom you know well.


  • Unawareness of technical equipment: If I should elaborate this by an example, remember the case of a political activist (cannot name her but you know, who she is) and her controversial statement during a live interview (watch it soon, if you haven’t). 
    The point is if you are connected to any live platform through any social media platform, check your technological equipment is under your control. If you made any such mistake, then my dear brothers and sisters, you have entered the world of mockery


In this era where technology has completely taken over,  it is difficult to maintain secrecy so rather than going haywire and careless, take a deep breath and think about these things mentioned above.

You will automatically get a clear idea about things you must avoid in your media. If any other things should be avoided in social media platform and not specified here, you can share it in our comment section.


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